ECO4 Concent Form

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ECO4 Landlord Permission

Rented Property Address:



Landlord Address

I hereby declare that the information given above is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

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FTCH Declaration (to be completed by the owner or landlord)

I, the owner of the premises, declare that to the best of my knowledge, at no point prior to the installation of first-time central heating, did the premises have a wet central heating system nor, at no point since 1 April 2022, did the premises have a working, efficient electric storage heater(s).

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Landlord Permission and Blended Funding Declaration (to be completed by the landlord)

Funding for measures delivered under ECO4 cannot be blended with funding from other government schemes or grants. Any measures outside of ECO4 delivered to the same property would have to be installed either before or after the ECO4 measures are installed.

Landlord Permission Declaration

I can confirm I am the landlord / management company of the property / properties above and hereby give my consent for the works as indicated below to be completed. I understand I may be contacted by any organisation carrying out the installation works or providing the funding, Ofgem or an energy supplier to verify this declaration as confirmation of permission. By signing this declaration, I acknowledge that funding is being claimed through the Energy Company Obligation (ECO4) scheme and I have not and will not seek any funding for such measures through other government schemes or grants.

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